Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dark and Stormy?

Hardly dark...and not yet stormy in July.

Hello friends!
Happy hour time is upon us. Before I head out to dine on sushis, I thought I would share a recent cocktail that has come across my way... The Dark and Stormy!
Though the suns shine and the birds chirp here in the 'natchee, we get a little hot when we occasionally step out of our air conditioned box.
So, on a recent trip to DeLaurenti's, I came across some ginger beer that made me think of this classic beverage.

Please engage in cocktail mode, and make one for yourself!
  • Garner some ice cubes and throw them into a glass. Use reckless abandon.
  • Pour 2oz of dark rum ( I experimented with a rum from Barbados, which is a bit lighter than the traditional, perhaps, Jamaican rum used) into a cocktail shaker. Use a water bottle from a local european cycling touring company if you should lack a shaker.
  • Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon wedge and 1 lime wedge, leave citrus carcass in the glass for good measure
  • Top off with a ginger beer. (commercially available bevies come in 6.8 FL oz.)
  • Garnish with a lime wheel
  • Dont be afraid to top yourself off with a rum floater. Heh!
  • Serve in Proven├žal Bee Tumblers

Todd likes it...
'nuff said.


  1. Remarkably, I can find all these ingredients so I think I may try it. Todd looks inspired.

  2. Dear Friend,

    I think you need to give credit where credit is due, but I could be wrong. I just want to make sure this blog is legitimate ... LEGITIMATE!!!

    "I came across some ginger beer that made me think of this classic beverage."

    One question ... Were you aware of this drink prior to KK mentioning it?

  3. Dear Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous,
    What a interesting name, were your parents British?
    To answer your question (and I do admire any folks who question the authenticity of a blog, serving the higher purpose of the blog, of course), Yes. My first glimpse of this drink came from a cookbook my sister bought me for Christmas of last year. Please refer to Volume 4 of Canal House Cooking, page 11.
    I do hope you'll try this drink sometime Anonymous. I think you'd like it, though, I don't think they serve it at Bisato in Belltown.

  4. i've had many dark and stormies, and they should be made with a much darker rum. Hemingway sucked these down like kool-aid

  5. Hi Andy!
    Thanks for reading EOA. I LovE this drink so much, and unfortunatly, the liquor store in Wenatchee (where I used to live) did not have my preferred rum, which is Black Seal. LOL! So my Dark and Stormy turned out to be a Light and Stormy. I have also heard good things about Zaya, a 12 year old Trinidadian rum that I want to try.
    What do you use?


  6. black seal is good. Bundaberg is best ginger beer. trust the kangaroo insignia.

    i'm thinking of trying to make the carmel thing. think i could do it?