Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh Hai! HNY 2 All!

Scoops on Parade in 2009!
Hai!!! Iz Scoops. I 'preciate everyone and all ther support over the past year. I came from a rough spot and was hitting the publik adopshun scene pritty much every dai trying to find a loving hooman that would give me a home, scoop my poop 4 me, and feed me from the orange cat food bag. Cince nelle came in and pluked me frum my cage of rage, the fur on my nose has grown back and emoshunally, i feel gr8t! I dont evn have to share my scratch post with any othr kittehz. In fackt, the only uther kitteh i have seen has been from outside the window, which I stare thru for 3-4 owers a dai.
Hers sum highlits uf my yeer!

intuneyt deybue

commence kurling
The gr8t heet wave uf 2009 left me in a stupor
leevs me alone
dont h8t me becuz im beautiful
fat off the land
iz sleepin git away, k?
draw me like one of your french girlz

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