Monday, December 28, 2009

Eh? Sorry Body, for Eating Christmas

So…..internet. We meet again. I hope everyone has had a fruitful and warming Christmas Holiday. I post the above video to highlight the growing concerns of many a citizen when the "aftermath" of the holiday celebrations is discovered in its physical form. Heh, I feel pale and somewhat fluffy?
My sister is getting married soon and she has embarked on a new Jennifer Aniston Arm Treatment. I must do the same, or face a lifetime of regret as my photos will live on in many a wedding album and online.
However, I must concentrate on this task AFTER the new year, as to not arise any suspicions that I am a superhuman and capable of starting a new workout routine on the day that I realize I am pale and fluffy.

Which brings me to my New Years Eve Dinner (NYED);

I shall start off the evening with a decadent foie gras mousse, ordered and shipped overnight from D' It would behoove me to serve this mousse on brioche toast points or a pain de mie, most likely accompanied by a fig or quince paste of some sort...The first time I tasted this lush spread, I was sipping on cocktails at the famed Tavern Law. They served a foie gras terrine with a thin layer of angostura bitter gelèe on top, and my friend Laura and I got the last one from the kitchen!! I actually thought my tongue liquified itself into an elegant and buttery, creamy mouthfeel of flavour. I spell flavour here with a "u" as to highlight the richness that the foie gras affords. I would love to try it seared the next time….perhaps I will order from the famous Hudson Valley company.
As I was perusing the options online, I decided against it when I saw this on D'artagnan:

A Cassoulet Kit!!!
I thought it was a great deal, considering we went to Friday Harbor last year and the Waterfront the year before and spent about a million US dollars. The package with the duck parts arrived about 30 minutes ago and is complete with everything you need to assemble this authentic French peasant dish. However, unlike a French peasant, I will make this dish in my new red Le Creuset oval pot. Thanks Santa!!!!

Everyone gets a duck leg!
Everyone gets a sausage!
Everyone gets a bowl of pancetta-y beans!

What should I serve for dessert? A Roquefort Cheesecake? Chocolate Pot de Cremes? Heh, Sorry body.

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