Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Heh! Welcome to my Blog, World!

Hello Internet!
This is my first blog post. I am writing on the internet right now. I am getting the feeling you get when you are in a house of mirrors for the first time, or anytime for that matter. (who finds themselves in a house of mirrors these days?) You just want to stand in the mirrored room, moving your hands and body and watching extremely entertaining results play out in front of you. Or, a similar notion is depicted in the cartoons when a figure stumbles upon an image of him/herself. The figure approaches carefully, until they realize no harm can be done by this other alien image.
I forgot one thing.
I currently do not have any blog flollowers….soooooo. We need to work on that.

Allow myself to introduce myself. And also apologize for an early Austin Powers reference.
My name is Nelle Bruce. I am 27 years old, and I live in a town 2.5 hours east of Seattle, called Wenatchee. I used to live on East Alder Street in Seattle, thus the name of this blog! I create, therefore I am. TUVM.
I am currently looking for ways to pass the time while I await my many job offerings that are surely to come to me in the near future.

This blog will be focused on my life and its preoccupations;
  • My interests in Food and Wine
  • Les Fromages
  • Beekeeping in Wenatchee
  • Cooking projects
  • Random pictures and updates of my well known cat, Scoops
  • Procrastination about other craft projects
  • Things I peer upon, including but not limited to; cookbooks I like, restaurants that I stalk (secret stalking) whimsey, and other items and or events that create a warming feeling or give me delight.
  • Possibly some bad photography, purposefully misspelled words, and overuse of the exclamation point
  • Life Adventures
  • Acquisitions or futures ones I plan to make (sample acquisitions include: Pygmy goats, a farm with acreage, a working cheese shop, many pairs of highly desired shoes. I could go on but you get the point.
  • Worldly Advice
  • Dinner Plans
  • Possible "of the day" post. Could be a word, could be a lush ingredient that is desired. TBD.
That shall be all for now, as I, like yourselves, tire of reading things and often stop halfway down to get a pita chip snack or the like. I do hope you shall continue to follow my adventures as they are displayed here, on East of Alder.

Dramatic curtain close inserted here ( I am not sure of the internet technology ie binary code to create such a dramatic end)

xoxo Nellebee

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  1. heh O there will be MISSspelled words in this BLOG. also there will be a MISuse of capital LETTERS.