Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Readership Appreciation Award….

Goes to Cameron and Alyson Bruce, of Seattle

Thank you for legitimizing my life on the internet!


  1. How does one receive a readership award? Also, I would love to get a glimpse into the life of Scoops daily adventures, what does a big-time city cat do in a small town?

  2. Well, to answer your question, reader….
    The readership appreciation award is given to those people supporting and taking an active role in making comments on my blog.
    Also, people who I am fond of, people I stalk, and animals will be considered.
    Speaking of Scoops! I will soon be updating the internet on her happenings soon. She is used to the bustling traffic of the city bus, eating take out, and working long hours. Now, she spends time staring out the window, lazing in front of the fire, eating christmas tree needles. She wont go out into the snow and she gets mad when I lock her out of my room. oh Scoooooooooops!