Thursday, December 10, 2009

Who Stole This Tree?

I am going to kick their ass, plain and simple.
Please feel free to view the story, as told by the Seattle Times, and join me on my crusade to catch this menace to the tree world. I am planning an uprising.
All I can say, is that if this tree was cut down by some SIMPLETON seeking a tree for his tinsel laden trailer park living room, heads are going to roll. I would almost rather this tree have been uprooted so that someone like Martha Stewart can care for it at her summer home in Maine aptly named Skylands or her former farm, Turkey Hill in CT. Perhaps she has a special tree poacher on the payroll. She would at least visit the tree in her garden. Or a subject of MSO could play a Chinese Alpine flute to make it feel more at home.
Did you know, for example, that each fall Martha adheres to the plans Jens Jensen set forth for the owners of the Slylands property; she (?) and her staff gather up the pine needles from the pathways and use an antique rotational mechanism designed to filter out flotsam and jetsam from the piles of needles (leaves, bark, acorns and seed pods from deciduous trees) leaving only a pristine collection of golden needles.
What do you do? Just rake the leaves? PISHAW!

If you have information about the tree theft, call the Washington Park Arboretum at

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  1. My money is it is in Phi-Gam's living room... Or is it too small to touch at least three walls?