Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Conquering a Caramel Tart: Part II

Dear Internet,
Please accept my HUMBLE apologies for a grand display of bad photography here. You see, there needs to be light for a fine picture to be captured…so the last pictures of the whole assemblage of the tart have been compromised. It tasted lush though. There were murmuring of a "gourmet Twix Bar" and general slowed speech as the caramel affects your ability to form words commonly found in any American dictionary.

Here I go!
Assembly. Notice that I used "Unsweetened Chocolate Chips". Heh, do not use these for your ganache or your mouth will assaulted by some very tannic flavors.

A delicious pre-candy mountain?
Creamed ingredients
The tart shell, blind baked in the oven. One MUST be sure to prick the surface of this tart dough with a fork to ensure the whole thing does not take off like a hot air balloon in the oven. Obviously I have mastered this task. Moving on….
Molten Sugar, do not touch or try to taste. Oh, you'll be sorry if you try.
Finished caramel after the necessary cream and butter have been whisked in. It is quite stressful making caramel, if I do say so myself.
Poured into shell, awaiting a chill session
Money Shot
Whole Salted Tart (Recipe here)


  1. Looks so good, Nelle. Hope you and Todd are enjoying the holidays....maybe getting some snow???? Take care!

  2. Hi Haley!
    Thank you for reading my blog :) Sorry for the late reply. I thought all my comments were being emailed to me, but i guess not!
    We got snow…but now its just Seattle weather. hahah.
    Thanks for sending your christmas card too, it was v cute. Time for Valentines Day almost!